When the worst thing happens

This was three years ago this week. The murder happened on December 6, but was only discovered on December 10, 2018. I learned about it on the morning of December 12, Mongolia time. This will always be a difficult week. I feel very bleak right now. I’m looking for the light. I will find it, but maybe not today.

This post is very raw, “as it happened” (as they say in the news business that I teach about). I’m not going to change it because it was my initial reaction.

Two Vegetarians in Mongolia

The worst thing I can imagine happened to a friend of mine this week. I started writing this the morning I found out (Wednesday, December 12, at 4:30 am). Then I had to put it aside to finish up my semester here at MIU, but now I am picking it up again. So it’s a little rough and uneven, but honest. I have the mother’s permission to write this, but I decided not to use their names, for privacy. This is my personal reaction, nothing more, so please take it in that light. Please be aware that the post discusses the death of a child and mentions suicide.

And hug your loved ones if you can. Be close to them in your heart if they are far away. Let them know you love them. Because you never know what will happen.


I google his name, and this comes up:…

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