GerHub: “Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions”

Urban UB with ger areas stretching up on the surrounding hillsides Shortly before I left Mongolia last June, I had the opportunity to meet with Enkhjin Batjargal, the CEO of GerHub, in their offices in Club Coworking, a shared workspace on the 13th floor of the ICC Tower in downtown Ulaanbaatar. The nongovernmental organization (NGO) … Continue reading GerHub: “Common Problems, Uncommon Solutions”

An energy efficient house in Ulaanbaatar

Down a narrow dirt lane off a chaotic intersection in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, lives a man many people would regard as eccentric. He is Froit VanderHarst, originally from the Netherlands, but he has lived in Mongolia for 12 years now. I found out about him through a student of mine who interviewed him for a Mongolian … Continue reading An energy efficient house in Ulaanbaatar